So awesome to have a night without C. She has been super moody lately. I love her to pieces and I love being a mom, but sometimes, I need a fucking break. She asks constant questions about random shit all the time. Even when I do answer the question, if she doesn’t believe or like the question, she either asks the same question or alters it someway. Talk about driving a person insane.

So, I am just sitting here listening to Lucky’s breathing while he sleeps. And the tick ticking of the floor heater. I will be so glad to be out of this house, and it’s quirkiness, and into my husband’s arms again. I miss him like crazy.

Uneventful day here, got the kiddo off to her great grandparent’s house. B had an auction to go to to purchase a few remaining items for the steak and seafood restaurant he is opening. He has been insanely busy. I will be glad once the first restaurant is open, that means one down, one to go (for now).

xoxo jes

PS. Did you know in Canada, Pizza Hut has hot dog stuffed crust pizza? Sounds gross to me and even B. thoughts?


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