Lucky, our dog

Lucky recently turned a year old. He has his own personality. He mopes when he is sad, like when Midnight died and more recently, when B left town to go to Texas. When Lucky gets a new bone, he FREAKS out. He argues with me and will only “speak”.

More recently, Lucky has become the “man” of the house. He takes care of things, like barking and/or growling at anyone at the door. Or going outside to bark at things.

Tonight, he is an asshole. He demanded to be let outside and now he won’t come in. He just makes me chase him. He is at the side of the house growl-barking at the neighbor’s house. He is barking at a cat. Our trashy neighbors feed or have a bunch of outside cats. Lucky doesn’t like them. He likes cats, just not these ones. He is behaving like an asshole and if I could get away with it, I would make him stay outside. Maybe I will.

xoxo jes

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