Valentine’s day fail 2013

Well, it’s now February 25th, I have still yet to receive my valentines present from B.

Let me start from the beginning. With B being in Texas and me being in Missouri, he ordered me 2 Diamond Candles. He was so proud of himself, he got me exactly what I wanted. Except, I wanted to see him, that’s another story. So, in order to get these candles, you have to order them online or by phone. I waited anxiously and B checked my order. It said it would be there on February 14th, perfect timing.

Valentine’s day comes, I was so excited to receive my gift. B calls me. His first words, “baby, we have a problem.” First few things through my mind are: we ran out of money, our bank account is seriously negative, B cut off his finger, B was in an accident…etc. WRONG! He says, “Well, your gift came. I have it.” I was confused. So, I had to ask, “what do you mean?” So, he tells me, he got a call from the guy who is going to be the bar manager of the steakhouse. He asked B if he goes by a different name. B is confused. The guy tells him he has a package for me. B was so upset. He said that he apparently gave the address for the steakhouse when he ordered them instead of our address here, in Missouri.

The next day, without my knowledge, B took the candles, a pack of cigarettes he bought me, 2 bottles of zzzquil and a bone for our dog to the post office. He told the man at the post office what was in the box. The guy says “No problem!” I told B after I found out that you cannot mail cigarettes or liquid. That night, I drove 7 hours to Texas so our little family (minus Lucky) could be together. The trip was unplanned and I was excited to get my candles and all other items. I showed up, and look in the freezer. No smokes in there! He finally tells me that he mailed them to me.

So, I have been waiting since I got back for this package. I text B today and told him he forgot to give me the tracking number. I get a call a few hours later. He says, “you would not believe my luck.” Ok? What now? And he tells me, “I have to go to the police department tomorrow and explain why I tried sending cigarettes and zzzquil in the mail.” WTF. Seriously?

I honestly hope that they let him off with a warning. I guess it was documented that he told the postal worker what was in the package and hopefully it’s just not a big deal. I am no closer to getting my valentine’s present than I was when I was with B in Texas for the weekend. It seems that everything in our life has to be a dramatic production. I honestly wish he had consulted me on this before flying by the seat of his pants. MEN!

xoxo jes


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