We Have Arrived!

After a long 12 hours in the car with breaks, a hot dog on the way, a gps that made me mad, a couple of snarls from the pooch, and my getting stuck; we made it.

We are attempting settling in like normal people. B and I both got bad colds and hopefully we are on the mend.

I can honestly say that this place is a lot smaller than I thought. It is going to take some serious thought and effort to get it functional. We did get our sofa bed and a closet for C, that broke. I am seriously loving our sofa.

Tomorrow, I may hang some pictures. The walls are very bare right now and I need to finish my pantry logging and unpacking in the kitchen and bathroom. Hopefully I can finish the “wall” in C’s room too. She may not think we need privacy, but we do. We need some separation between the two rooms.

xoxo jes


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