Opinionated Eater: Nizza Pizza Arlington, TX

Opinionated Eater

On my old blog, I would do a feature called “Opinionated Eater”. Being married to a chef has its perks. I will also say it has its downfalls. We eat out quite a bit and we like trying new places. Well, new town, new places, right?

Enter Nizza Pizza here in Arlington, TX. I will say this: if I could, I would eat pizza everyday. As long as it doesn’t come from Nizza. I have had a lot of different pizza places in my life. This was the worst I ever have had.

We ordered calamari, it was bland. I had to put salt on it and their marinara was only slightly better with the addition of garlic salt.

This is the only place B had heard of that does pizza by the slice. So we are told that you have to order cheese pizza and whatever toppings you want are an additional $.50. Ok.

They literally took a piece of already cooked pizza, slapped some toppings on it and baked it. It was strange, but we were already there and we might as well try it, right? Well, we should have backed out the minute the ordering was weird.

I guess I didn’t get the memo. When ordering, order the fresh mushrooms or they will come out of a can in a sickly yellow color. My onions were julienne. The green bell pepper that you order, God only knows when it was cut and how long it has been soaking.

The “cheese” pizza, it was lacking in the cheese department. A frozen pizza has more cheese than that did. And, because it was baked again, it was seriously dry.

All in all, no way you can pay me to go back.

xoxo jes


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