We recently filed our taxes. I guess the irs is super nosy and you have to put down an occupation for each adult filing. Fine. I guess I was a little stunned when I looked at the screen at our local H&R Block to see “housewife” as my job.
You see, I happened on this occupation by pure mistake. Back in January, I quit my job at a gas station. First time I have ever just said “I quit” in the middle of a shift. I think I have worked one partial day at a paying job this year.

The plan in the beginning was that I would stay at home to pack our things for our big move. Yea, I got incredibly sad and lonely and took far more time than it should have to do that.

So in the beginning, I would move here and work while C is at school. Then, B and I realized it would take a lot of hard work on my part to keep up with C, Lucky and the house in B’s absence (work schedule). So that is how I came to have “housewife” as my occupation on my taxes.

They make it seem so naughty and glamorous. It’s not. It’s a full time job in itself.


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