Opinionated Eater: Joe’s Pizza

Opinionated Eater

So, today, I have another pizza joint to add to the list, Joe’s Pizza. If you are like me/us, you move to a new city and you have to scope out every pizza joint out there. I need to find the best pizza! The only place we didn’t look was our last place in Missouri.

Joe’s also offers a pizza by the slice, order a cheese slice for $2 then add toppings for $. 50/each. We didn’t go that route, bad experience, found here. Not wanting a repeat, we ordered a whole pie, cheese sticks, and peperoni pinwheels.

Now, the atmosphere was very casual. Paper plates are given at each course, and they are the cheap variety. Cool with me! I get tired of upscale. There was only one giant TV in the place, which is fine, they sell pizza by the slice and you need entertain for your line diners.

The service, was Ok.

The food, good. It’s no Pizza Cellar, found in Rockaway Beach, MO

Pizza Cellar in Rockaway Beach, MO
 or Pizza by the Chef in Hollister, MO
 or Extreme Pizza in Omaha, NE.

Fine. Still the best place I have had pizza in awhile.

They don’t skimp on the toppings, we like cheese and it could’ve used a bit more. I like that stuff all the way to the crust. If you are like us, ask for extra cheese.

Please note, we more than likely will be back! So, I do recommend checking them out for yourself.

xoxo jes

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