Thrifting it up!

Well, today, my husband may kill me. I spent $100 on clothes for C and I. Honestly, I would say it could’ve been worse. C got 8 tops and 5 bottoms. 2 of the tops were things she can use to dress up other things. Thankfully, I was able to pick out and take out a lot of the things inappropriate for a girl her age. Unfortunately, I was only able to find 3 tops and 2 bottoms. It’s difficult for me to find things in my style and size.
Here in Texas, there is something I have never seen, it’s not exactly a thrift store, but a plus size consignment shop. They have some beautiful things. I tried on lots of clothes today, just sometimes they fit weird on me.

I think this day was a success, C is set for the summer, she said so herself and I walked away with some clothes. I usually feel really defeated after a day like today, but I had my little girl by my side. She even told me a big fat no on one cute shirt, it made me look terrible. At least she is giving an honest opinion, even if it’s the Offal Truth.

Also, we got tons of name brands, a Candies top, stuff from matrices, all for a lot cheaper, don’t be afraid of the thrift stores. Just dig a little and wear comfy shoes.

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