So, there is a huge Pinterest craze. Or maybe I am just crazy about Pinterest. Either way, it’s super popular. I love to browse for anything from nail polish design ideas, dinner ideas, craft ideas, jewelry, cleaning tips, and Everything in between.

Sometimes, it’s a big fail. Sometimes, I get an idea, and change it before I even try it the way I pinned it. Anyways, I made B some deodorant today from a pin. It went pretty well, but there are some things I didn’t know. If it works out and he loves it, I will post it in the near future. I am hoping he loves it and I can quit spending tons of money on something I can make for quite a bit less. Plus, I know exactly what is going on my body when I make it myself.

Any pins you’ve tried and loved? I want to know.

I did make fabric softener once, but it wasn’t as natural as I would like. Have a recipe for that? Drop me a line!

Also, if you aren’t signed up for Pinterest and would like to be, I can arrange it!

xoxo jes


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