Score! A table!

I finally went to an antique consignment store that I have been driving past almost daily. I would always see bright colored furniture outside and always mean to stop by… And didn’t until Friday night.

Of course, consignment stores are more expensive than some of the places I have been and there is less haggling made. Kinda sucks. Also, at this one, they almost try to shove the tackiest furniture in the place down your throat. This place had more vintage than antiques, so it was more up my alley, but I don’t need a bright royal blue upholstered round bed.

C loved it and found lots of pretty costume jewelry to save up for. I did buy one thing. A table. We had picked out other tables but this guy was the perfect size, right style (love the legs), and for $25, he was coming home with me. He needs a little cleaning up, but the color fits perfectly with our black and white couch. I can put a bright lamp on him and he will be so fab!

Now, some of the black paint has chipped off and unless you took a picture of it, you can’t tell that I went over the chips, dings and scratches with a black sharpie. I had already started the front when I took the pictures so that’s why you can tell.

Any tips for cleaning up the metal feet? Do share! I have been using trusty Google and have some ideas, but if you have some tried and true, let me know!


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