Quick! Write this down!

We have to document it!

Ok, it isn’t that rare. B made supper at home 2 nights in a row! Last night and tonight. Tacos and brats! Love the man!

It was the first time he has made dinner for all of us since we moved here. Yesterday, he went all out. We were going to have taco salad, but we got to El Rancho to take advantage of some great deals, a guy gave us a freshly made package of tortillas, still hot. Only $1.99! So, along with that, we got some tomatoes (romas for $.98 for 2 pounds!), Jalapeños, limes, lettuce and some of their beef for tacos. We picked up other things too, but the allure of fresh tortillas and homemade salsa was too good for us not to have tacos. B also got a couple avocados later to make homemade guacamole. My favorite.

Really, we wound up going to 3 stores after making our list and checking ads for the best deals and only spent $100 for 2 weeks worth of groceries for 3 people. Now, we didn’t get cereal or milk or eggs, but those can easily be picked up (the Aldis here has milk for $1.99). So still not much more than our initial budget. The eggs will allow me to make cookies and other snacks (we have mixes on hand).

I only made one thing for our meal yesterday: jicama Slushies made from jicama Kool-Aid found at El Rancho. It was a hit! I love going there to get flavors and things you can’t find anywhere else (Pineapple Kool-Aid? Mango Peach? Yes please!)

Anyone else go to special stores just for amazing items that are otherwise hard to find?



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