At our house, the adults have been on high alert. B had not one, but 2 reviews coming out on his restaurant. These were the big guns. Like make or break a restaurant big.

Of course, I have never doubted my husband or his ability to craft amazing dishes. However, that only goes so far in his eyes. And these reviews weren’t my opinion, they were from news sources. People don’t read my piddly blog to find out where to eat, or read it period. (with the exception of B, hi baby!).

Anyways, the first review showed up today. We weren’t sure when, just today. I even went out to find the paper. B was up checking their website every hour or so and then up at 5am to see if it was up. I was checking it every hour prior to that. He had no idea I was nervous. Finally, the first review was up. And it was good. Thank god. One down, one to go.

I got a call a bit ago, the second paper, not to be outdone by the first, released their review online. Thank god, it was great too. Now we can sleep easier.

When B first told me about the reviews, I was not nervous. I had confidence in his ability and I knew they would be good. Until he was freaking out. His boss was nervous, made him nervous and in turn, it trickled down to me. Reviews like these in our area if they are bad can close a restaurant very quickly. If his review was bad, it could have cost his job. I started thinking maybe we made a mistake, due to anxiety of the whole ordeal. I know we made the right choice, but that doubt from the shit trickles downhill affect was making me doubt myself.

I am just so glad it’s over.



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