Frame Update!

I posted about my failed attempt to change the look of our frames by painting them. And it was not so great. I wasn’t ready to give up yet though. Call me stubborn.

I went to Home Depot thinking I would get a sample of paint and just paint my frames all a light grey or silvery color, except they don’t sell samples in anything but flat paint. I would’ve settled for satin but really wanted semi gloss.

So, I walked around the painting supplies feeling a little defeated but not ready to give in. (Maybe it’s the Irish in me!) I came across some Rustolum paint that is in a can but not the color of finish I wanted. Spray paint is out of the question because I don’t have any sort of outdoor space here, I don’t need to be the weirdo spray painting in the parking lot! (I can be the weirdo of a lot of things, I just don’t need that title).

So, I finally came across Martha Stewart’s line of finishes. I carefully inspected all of her glazes and glitters and I kept coming back to the metallic glazes, specifically dark coffee. Most of the frames I want to refinish are just plain black and from Walmart in the cheap. So, after weighing my options, I purchased it. Even though I am not a huge fan of hers.

I cracked the can open after reviewing all of the directions and reading up on reviews. I even checked the reviews of the other glazes. I realized people either lives it or hated it. I used a paint brush and painted the glaze on the pain black frame. It took days for it to dry! But I immediately liked the affect.

I realized where I went wrong, probably the same place all of the reviewers went wrong: the glaze is very thin, it easily puddles in certain areas. I used a half inch brush on my small project. So, about 3-4 days later, I give it another coat. This time, I make sure to dry brush with a smaller brush. I took my time and made sure not to leave any puddles or paint globs.

Amazing! I am so happy with the results. I am still working on the rest of my frames, I give them a day or two to dry just to be safe and give 2 coats to my plain black frames. It’s a very subtle difference but it’s nice to look at. I can even take a dollar store frame and give it a little oomph to elevate it so when it’s on my wall, it looks luxe!

I need to snap some photos and I will give a link to the stuff I am talking about, but it will be awhile.

Have you altered any frames to make them your own? Ever used anything from Martha Stewart?



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