Pet Peeved: Tile edition

I have lots of pet peeves, just ask my husband! Ha! However, I have a huge one in the form of tile. Back when I was a renter in my hometown, most of the bathrooms I had in my apartments had square tiles, with dirty grout. I hated the dirty grout more than a lot of things. I learned in my first place that there is no getting that grout back to white, so stop trying.

Then, we moved to a house in Missouri. We were still renting. I found a new pet peeve with tile: peel & stick tile in the bathroom. Ugh. I will try not to get too into the deets of what else was wrong with our bathroom, but the stupid tiles drove me batty.

Here is my biggest issue: they don’t prevent water from seeping under them over time like a tile and grout option. So, in that bathroom, the tiles got wet, the water would seep through the cracks. Then, the floor would start to warp from moisture. And if you never checked it, the boards would rot and/or mold.

Once the warping would happen, the tiles no longer stuck properly. They would shift. And break. Yuck.

Thankfully, our next house in Missouri had tiled floor in the bathroom. It was hideous, but it was real tile.

Except we live in Texas. And peel and stick tile is in the bathroom and kitchen. And, there are uneven spots. You can feel ridges and curves in certain spots. I am in peel and stick tile hell.

I can understand why people use them, they are cheaper than the other stuff, but really, are they? If you have to replace the floor completely every few years due to rot, is it really that much cheaper?

I have found some good uses for them. We have wire shelves in our pantry and I could use them to line those. Or instead of shelf liner in the drawers and cabinets, I could use them there.

I just hope our next place has better floors. Please?


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