My Little Clothing Solution

Well, I have been slowly applying for jobs. There was just one problem with my wardrobe: not enough clothes for summer that aren’t tank tops. I wear t-shirts and tank tops all the time. I have some nice dressier tanks too. I just have a problem, I have a giant cupcake skull on my upper arm. I can cover it with a short sleeve shirt, but I don’t have any that are dressy. Ok, I have 2.

I was in Fort Worth the other day and I looked at one store. Nothing that I liked that would cover the tattoo. So, I went to target. Yup! They have stuff! Instead of buying a shirt that I can wear once, I bought a lightweight, short sleeve cardigan. Now I can wear it over my tanks and if I am applying for jobs, I can wear it with any tank top and look nice. Yay!

I do have other wraps and such, they are long sleeve though and it’s pretty warm here. The one I bought is pictured below.


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