Ask me or B

Many of you know that I went to culinary school. I went for baking and pastries for a year. I am ServSafe certified and I cook at home. B is an amazing chef and has worked in many nationally known restaurants.
We get approached often by family and friends about food related questions. We don’t mind, it’s a huge compliment. We are opening it up to you. Ask me or B. We can answer many questions related to food, food gadgets, cooking, baking, etc. Also, B is pretty well versed in pairing certain wines and beers with meals. Any questions pertaining to how I deal with being a chef’s wife are also welcome!
If you have a question, go ahead and post it here in the comments, ask on my Facebook page, or email me at dcwjessica(at)gmail(dot)com
We can’t wait to hear what you come up with!
xoxo jes

2 thoughts on “Ask me or B

  1. Hi Jes! I was a pescatarian for the past two year but I recently started eating meat again. Do you have any suggestions for choosing and preparing red meat for an inexperienced cook? Any easy go to recipes I should start with?

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