Opinionated Eater: Danny’s Pizza

Opinionated Eater

We are back with another Opinionated Eater! This time, the chef and I went down to Danny’s Pizza.

We didn’t have pizza this time though. Even though we are still looking for the elusive “perfect” pizza here in Arlington. We may have found it, but we will have to try it again just to be sure!

Back to Danny’s Pizza. B had heard about it since he meets Danny every morning when they are buying groceries for the restaurants, he had also been recommended by other people too. So, we walked in. Its a small place right off Cooper (the address on the site is wrong, FYI). Its very casual. You walk up to the counter and order. Then, you take a seat and one or both of Danny’s daughters bring your food to you. Very homey feeling and sweet. Along the lines of something the B wouldn’t mind doing someday.

The decor was full of Chicago Bulls paraphanilia and a few other things (like a ceiling tile with UTA’s mascot). Danny is from Chicago, so it explains it, but it doesn’t feel like a “sports pizza joint”, just personal.

I ordered the Cheesy Beef Sandwich. I had it dipped and with sweet peppers. Very tasty. The bread was a really crusty, chewy bread meant for this type of sandwich. We got it in a combo, so it came with fries and a drink.

B ordered the Italian Beef Sandwich and a Chicago Dog. The Italian beef sandwich is exactly like mine, sans the cheese. B said that the Chicago Dog was made correctly, with the right relish (this is big for him) and a pickle spear. He was so impressed, he took a bite before I could get a picture in!

We will be back to taste the pizza and hopefully a follow up post for that! I would even go back for another sandwich!

xoxo jes

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