Things I had never tried…

Being married to a chef means you get to try all new things. Now, I had tried my fair share of foods when we met, but my list has expanded.

1. Escargot, I tried this at the restaurant he worked at when we first started dating. Not really my cup of tea.

2. Truffles, I have tried these in many different ways. I still do not like the way anything truffles taste. It seriously tastes like poop to me, very overwhelmingly so.

3. Lengua, or tongue. Honestly, doesn’t taste bad, but I still can’t get over the look of it raw and whole. Yuck.

4. Swordfish, soo yummy!

I have actually tried a ton of different foods before dating/marrying a chef, so my list is not nearly that long. I look forward to trying all sorts of new things all the time.

What have you tried that is unusual?

xox jes


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