Meet the Family: B

After long waiting, my husband, B, or rather Brian.


Yes, I am sure this post might read like a gushy love fest, so I apologize, get your barf bag or tune back in tomorrow.

There are a few places I will never review on Opinioned Eater, any of the Chop House Burgers, Chop House Steaks and Seafood, and the Bootleg Bacon Fried Chicken. I can’t review any restaurant my husband is employed with in good conscience. I can’t be considered biased in my opinions, so although they all deserve a review, it won’t be by me. I will leave it to Bud Kennedy and any other person that isn’t me.

Anywho, Brian is from Arkansas. He is the reason I am crazy about the Arkansas Razorbacks football. Most of his family lives in Missouri, which is why we moved there a little over a year ago. He lived in Dallas prior to moving to Omaha, where we met. Which is what brought us down here.


Anyways, he is a wonderful father and man. I couldn’t have asked for a better husband. He gets me, even on my crazy days.

We spent some time fishing in Missouri. He likes guns and has a list of around ten he wants to get.

He also is my tattooed man. He has more tattoos than me and most are food related I hope to do a post about his and my tattoos.

When we met, he mostly wore black Harley Davidson t-shirts and dark red colored button-up shirts, usually not at the same time. I try to give him a bit more color with blues and greens. He also had a Harley, which he sold after we were married but still dreams of owning 2 bikes. One for him to ride around on, and one for him and I to ride on for future road trips.

I hate to disappoint by not gushing over him and his cooking abilities, but I really am not that kind of girl. We are pretty open books anyways. Ask away!



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