Hair Do…not

I had big plans of sharing a big before and after of my hair. Except it looks the same. Lame, right?

I had plans of getting my hair cut last night. I didn’t put product in it. I already bought my hair dye, ready for after my current color is cut out. Originally, I was going to get it done on Monday night, but there was something that came up. So, I told her, which she works at one of the burger joints as a general manager, she could do it Tuesday night. I was expecting a text around 5, when she normally gets off work. I text her at 5:45pm and didn’t get a reply back until 8:45pm.

I am not happy, but I get it. She works in the restaurant industry and does hair on the side. That doesn’t mean I can’t be mad. It seems like nothing is going right is week. I got news on Monday that I didn’t get the job. I need this pick me up, soon.

I don’t currently have any idea when I will be getting my hair cut, I hope it’s soon.

I apologize this is more of a vent than an actual post, but I am going with it. Suck it up and deal.



2 thoughts on “Hair Do…not

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