Friday Favs!



Back again with Friday Favs! I think from now on, I will just be featuring 2 things in my Friday Favs posts.

First up! Chocolate! What girl doesn’t love chocolate?



Actually, just ask Brian, I am not a huge fan of chocolate. Haha. However, Hershey’s Nuggets with Toffee and Almonds are amazing. They have extra crunch and so tasty! I like toffee, but usually it is a large hard piece and I can’t chew it without thinking I am going to break my teeth. Not so pleasant when you are supposed to be enjoying a piece of toffee. There are just bits of toffee, so no teeth breaking feelings. You just can’t trust me alone with a bag of this.

heat wrap1

heat wrap






I love Thermacare HeatWraps! They are amazing. I have a bad back, so I have used them when it gets really bad and I still have to work. I love them because you can just put it on and it stays good for 8 hours. They have them for other body parts too. I have used the ones for your knee and the menstrual relieve ones pictured above. They work amazing for what aches. Its like having a portable heating pad. Love it!

They also have cold wraps. These are new, I have not tried them, yet. I am sure there will be a time that will come. If you head over to their website, they have coupons going on right now.

Come back next week for another Friday Favs! You can also check out previous Friday Favs here, here, here, and here.







P.S. Just as a reminder, I am not paid or perked in any way to write about my Friday Favs. I buy everything just like a normal person.


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