I Haven’t Forgotten About You!

I am still here! I have been busy, trying to beat the heat. Today is day 2 of a heat advisory that is supposed to last 3 days. Let’s see if it goes for 4! Currently, it’s 99° with a “feels like” temp of 103°. From what I hear, it’s only going to get hotter.


So, I literally have gone nowhere. My a/c in my truck needs charged and the a/c here sucks. Its a wall unit, much like you would find in s hotel room. They are nice, in hotel rooms. We are in a bigger space than that and it isn’t working out so well.

I probably won’t be posting too much this weekend, my mother in law will be here and there might be a trip to Ikea involved. Hopefully, I can do a weekend wrap up and maybe a month wrap up of Charity’s adventures. You know the kids scored for her birthday somewhere.

In the meantime, know I am sweating buckets cleaning house, walking the dog and not cooking, cause its too hot.



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