Friday Favs!


Happy August y’all!! Its flipping hot! I am trying to stay cool, but I still have a post to do! Moving on….


This guy, from SimpleHuman is amazing. We were skeptical of spending so much hard earned dough on a trashcan but, it has been worth it. I try to keep things that Lucky can’t have out of his reach, and this guy has been a lifesaver to do it. We got ours at the Container Store (never been before living here) and I haven’t regretted it! Lucky can’t have chicken bones and we get Bootleg Chicken sometimes around here, I don’t feel bad about throwing the bones away and locking the lid. Lucky has tried to (occasionally) get into it, but he has not been successful, it falls over and stays locked, thank God. The slim design has been great for our tiny-ass-apartment but will work in any space.


Sinful Colors, I love this nail polish. I found it a few years ago at Walgreens. I know they sell them at Walmart also. They are the best bang for your buck. Some of the colors require a top coat, since it dries more of a matte color, but its not that big of a deal. I used to try to use Wet N Wild, but their polish is so cheap and chips off in less than 24 hours. Not with Sinful Colors. They are $1.99 and come in so many colors!

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