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I am posting this today, to skip posting anything for Sunday. If you have anything to ask me or B, you can comment on this post, email me at , ask on twitter, or Facebook!

Today’s question was asked here.

What is your favorite dessert recipe?
Mrs. Lopez of Loving Life In Pink

Definitely a good question!! My favorite dessert recipe happens to be a family favorite. Brian’s mama, Jean, used to make this dessert every birthday he had along with another dish. I make it sporadically and for special occasions. It is not something I could eat every day, but definitely something I would make for a potluck, family gathering, at random, or a special occasion.

gooey butter cake gooey butter cake 2

Gooey Butter Cake

1 yellow cake mix

2 eggs

1 stick softened oleo or butter

Mix above ingredients together, spread in buttered 9 x 13 greased pan. Moisten fingertips and the spreading of the mixture is easier.

1 box powdered sugar (1 pound)

2 eggs

1 8 oz pkg cream cheese

Mix above mixture and pour in pan on top of the cake mixture. The 2nd mixture should be very liquid-y. Bake in oven at 350 degrees until golden brown. You want it to look more like the pictures above.

If you make this recipe, let me know! I am always curious to know when other people make a recipe I post!

xoxo jes


4 thoughts on “Ask me or B

  1. We make Gooey Butter Cake all the time, it is a family favorite!! I am on vacation and wanted to make it, but I didn’t have my recipe with me, so I looked on-line and found yours. I know it is slightly different than what I typically make, because we don’t put eggs into the cake mix, just butter and a tbsp of water. I couldn’t remember if the top was 2 or 3 eggs. I made it with your recipe this time … who knows, we might like it better!! Thanks for being here when I needed the recipe!!

    Also, I have a friend that made this with a chocolate cake, which you’d think would be great … but it wasn’t good … she brought it to work and everyone was disappointed.

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