A Peek

I know I talk about things and I never show off anything. I am a procrastinator. I just am, no excuses. Although, sometimes, I don’t post pictures because my home isn’t perfect. We have a small place and lots of stuff, we had a 2 bedroom house before this. Before that, we had a 3 bedroom house. So, we have that much stuff. More stuff than fits in our tiny apartment.


Back to the peek. These are pictures of my “office”. It’s tiny, it’s cramped and I used to have a whole room dedicated to an office/craft room. Now, I have a nook. It is still a work in progress. I would love to buy many storage things, but at this time, we can’t afford it, so I make do with what I have.


The fridge is directly next to the desk. The blue drawers, they hold paper, card stock, vinyl, and other office stuff. I have had the drawers for a long time. You can find them all over. The chair is my thrift shop find from awhile ago. The desk itself and the lamp on it are both from Ikea. My laptop was a gift sent to me from my Great Aunt, she came to visit a few months ago and sent it to me. It is an HP and I love HP stuff. It’s an older model but it is amazing and it works. I don’t use it much because Charity has a habit of sitting on the stairs and staring at whatever I am doing.

I love that I have my own space, but it can get claustrophobic. Oh well.

xoxo jes


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