Weekend Roundup!

Its actually on time this week!! This past weekend was not nearly as exciting as the weekend before, but we are real people, so deal with it.

Friday night was spent watching movies with Charity at home. The kid loves movies. Even more so now that we have a TV to watch them on! This is one of her favs:

Coyote_ugly_posterYup, she gets to watch Coyote Ugly. What’s not to love? Music, a good storyline, and dancing! It happens to be one of mine and Brian’s favorite movies. I know it is PG-13 and Charity is only 10, but I have seen it a million times and there is nothing on it that is too harmful. If you want to judge me still, remember, I have kept my opinions on your parenting to myself, so far. So, if you want to personally attack me and our parenting skills, remember this: Karma is a bitch, I have seen her in action.

Moving along…Saturday, we had Chili Dog Casserole for supper and Brian got to watch GI Joe (the new one) after work. Nothing too exciting, I am a homebody, what can I say?

Sunday, not a whole lot of much. We found out that we didn’t get the duplex in Mansfield. Booo!!! I am pretty brokenhearted about it. I want nothing more than to have a yard for Lucky and a house we can make a home. Oh well, I just have to learn how to work with what I got. Or, try and move into a bigger apartment for the time being. We all could use the extra space. Instead of making us closer, this apartment has made us crazy.

We got to go look at furniture. Not finding anything we love. I wish we could settle on something. Literally, we will settle. Dammit. We have a super uncomfortable broken couch, a TV that has a stand, a desk and a desk chair. That is about it in our living room area. The rest of the roundup of furniture is whatever Charity has in her room. Yea, not much.

Then, one of my favorite end-of-the-summer activities: school supply shopping! Yes, I am a weird-o and I like it. I usually buy 10 or so spiral notebooks to last me through the year (worked great for when I was in college! I had to buy very few extra supplies). At $.17/notebook at Wal-Mart, it is hard to beat! I also can stock up on my crayon collection. You never know when you need some! I love coloring and Wal-Mart has new crayons in 8-packs! I wanted some, but I couldn’t find a price. Maybe after Friday we will go back! This year, all I got was 4 notebooks, it was pathetic. Brian got a new “pencil” case that he will use for work. We got most of Charity’s school supplies so far and we will get the rest after Friday. School down here doesn’t start until the 26th, so we have time! I can’t wait for school to start! I think I am more excited than Charity.

We had homemade taco salad (not with catalina! it was made with homemade stuff) for supper and relaxed a lot. Charity also got a pair of sandals from Academy Sports for $5! All of their summer sandals are on clearance, so check them out for a steal of a deal!

xoxo jes


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