Punch in the Face. Vol. 1

face punch

We are not perfect here, and I realized that I have less of the “Offal Truth” and more of the crap that goes on day to day here. So, maybe, I would share a new post of Saturdays, since I hope to be joining the workforce any day now *hint hint prospective employers*. I needed a post for Saturdays, something to “fill the gap” per se, since Saturdays will likely become dedicated to spending time with Charity and running errands. I am really hoping for a 9-5 Monday thru Friday gig. No holding breath people. So, an idea was born. We have all seen the “People I want to Punch in the face” notebooks on Pinterest. No? Click it and laugh. Why not a post? Ok, it could get dangerous.

First up: the lady at Charity’s dojo. I nicely explained that them choosing to move their dojo was inconvenient for us. It takes a lot of time, gas, and effort to get out to BFE. Ok? So, she tries to tell me that she doesn’t control payments. (Fine.) Then tells me that I can take their new fitness class free of charge. (Yes, she really told me that). Now, here is the problem: I know that I am overweight. I have reasons for the weight gain. Try 2. Like, maybe I got pregnant twice and lost the babies and it wasn’t so great. I don’t need to have someone else tell me that I can take a fitness class free of charge. (Skinny bitch.)

Now, she gets another punch. I told her that I felt like she wasn’t listening to me (I am near tears at this point). I explain to her that my husband would be giving her a call. Brian calls, she tells him that she will just push the payment through today. (Huh? I thought you had no control over the payments?! Liar!). It went downhill from there and nothing more should be said about it. Just know, if we choose to have Charity take Karate anymore, it will be with another dojo.

Next up: Whoever is making my cell service intermittent! Gah! It has been a battle with my phone service all night! Apparently, someone hit a cell tower. Or maybe that is the story that the manager at T-Mobile told me and they are really getting hacked. Who knows?

I think that is all for this week. I really just needed to get those things off my chest! I hope you enjoyed or were as outraged as I was. Until next Saturday, I will hold my anger in!



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