Money Mondays!

Welcome to the newest feature addition to The Offal Truth and Other Musings. Money Mondays!! Who doesn’t like to save money? If you don’t, you probably have money to throw my way, so get on that, ok?

Money Mondays

Each week, I will feature ONE way that I try to save us money. Ok, its a joint effort here at our house and I really try harder. Sorry, Brian, you slack in this department! This week, our cell phone bill gets the inspection.

We save a smallish amount on our cell phone bill because of who we bank with. We have T-Mobile and when we set up the account, they asked if we had affiliations with certain companies. You can get discounts for where you work or who you bank with, This discount has saved us $96 since April. It takes a few months to click on but the savings are there.

Also, getting a plan that suites your needs. I know you all have heard this before, as have I. We switched to T-Mobile back in February because our bill at another company (not trying to name names here!) was closer to $400-$500 a month. Insane, right? Yes, is the correct answer to that question.

Why was our bill so high? Mostly, data usage. Brian claims not to be so techie, don’t trust him. He is on his phone a lot. And yes, I am on my phone more. We aren’t playing the blame game here. So, we switched to T-Mobile with unlimited data and calling. We needed the calling because, well, Brian is on his phone quite a bit for work.

Later, we added Charity to the plan (after the move and we got settled). Well, the kid loves her phone. We don’t have a home phone since we all have cell phones. We text her ourselves and need to keep tabs on her. Then, something happened. She started downloading crap. We got it fixed the first month. Then, she did it again. Well, usually we get them to block her internet making it impossible for her to download crap. Apparently there was a mix in the communication department and it didn’t happen. So, we I finally got it worked out.

Then, she started going over her 500 minutes. Really? Who gives a 3rd line only 500 minutes? Ok, by that time, they had come out with their new plans and I was skeptical about changing out plan, but I went for it. Yay!! No more overages. The nice people at T-Mobile back dated it to the beginning and whatever overages she was starting to incur were gone!

In the end, our bill compared to our last company is 50% less than what it was with the old company. We have more freedom with it too.

I hope you enjoyed today’s installment of Money Monday and maybe a learned something new about saving money with your phone bill!



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