It is like the new car smell

So sorry about the bad background. I had to come up with a solution, the stock background for my new “simple” layout had booze. I am not a booze type person. I hope you enjoy the image now. tulipemboss

I took the photo a few years ago. I am in love with it. Tulips are my favorite flower and these opened up really well. I have always thought about getting it printed on canvas and wrapped on wood to hang on our wall, maybe someday. Thoughts?

Also, the other changes are slightly different. I am trying to streamline my posts to look prettier. Not so distracting (so sorry about abnormally large photos!). I am a newbie to blogging from my phone! However, I did personally write my signature, I just cleaned it up to make it visually appealing.

Just small changes, I hope y’all like them! If you want to know how I did anything on my blog, let me know! My secret, I use paint a lot. Yup, nothing fancy for this girl!

xoxo jes


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