Waiting… Part Two

It has been a long while since I did a post like this. So, I figured it was time for another installment! Yay!

This time, I worked at a fast food chain. Actually, I worked at 3 different stores of the same chain. Crazy, right? I just kept coming back for more!

The first restaurant I worked at, I was 18. I had never worked fast food, but I realized that I was pretty good at it. Besides the creepy guy coming in every day to order a number “sex” (a spicy chicken sandwich), it wasn’t too bad. The safe food handling was a lot better. There were some shenanigans, but nothing like the first restaurant.

Yes, people who prepare your food generally do NOT wear gloves. I don’t remember a lot of cross contamination going on (raw meats coming into contact with cooked meats), however, people in fast food could stand to wash their hands a bit more. I think this is common for all fast food restaurants.

The second store, it was very buttoned up. Nothing ever went wrong. Ok, haha. Appearances can be deceiving. If you opened, you had to wait for some people to quit smoking weed in their car. Yes. Oh well. I was pregnant by this time but my baggy clothes made it very easy to forget that. I still have troubles smelling ketchup by itself. Yuck. I was also crawling on my hands and knees trying to clean the baseboards of the booths. Yea, that was how they rolled at that store.

The last store…. it could have used a lot of things. I was newly sober, I was only 22 and back working at the same fast food chain. This store was way across town from the other 2 and was completely different. The food hadn’t changed much, but the people were definitely different.

People at the last store, they would smoke weed out the back door. One of the managers even brought in an xbox and they would play in the back, while blocking the fire exit. There were many times that I would be left taking orders, making sandwiches, getting fries, basically doing it all. And yea, I forgot to wash my hands because the only job I was really supposed to do was handle the window.

None of the stores I worked at ever picked food up off the floor to serve. Generally, although morally and legally it wasn’t good, they are safe to eat at. I still crave this fast food joint and we eat there, even knowing where the food comes from.

Also, at the last store, someone tried to rob it while I was there. There was a 20 year old kid working the counter and a guy who was on something came in with a steak knife. No joke. Another time, I had a disgruntled customer come in and THROW a cheeseburger in the general direction of where I would normally stand. Except I was hidden from view while they argued with the manager who was high as a kite. I was never so happy to leave that place behind.

Any bad fast food experiences? Do share!

Also, if you are wondering, there will be no weekend wrap up this week! Sorry!

xoxo jes


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