Our Newest Addition

Its not living. Don’t get too excited!

Sunday, we decided to go to Dallas, we went to Galleria Dallas. That is a post for another day. After the mall, I decided to check out a thrift store I “Like” on Facebook and have never been to. It is almost unheard of for a thrift store to update their Facebook page with the actual furniture in their store. Urban Thrift does.

I didn’t actually see our newest addition until after I bought it, but I still wanted to go in and check it out! We got this cute little dude:


Brian says it looks like something his Grandma would have in her house. I love it. The blue is beautiful. However, what the picture doesn’t show is that it is worn/torn in a few places, has a few stains, and the legs are totally orange-y stained. For now, I am leaving it as is. I will do a short term fix of getting a slipcover and painting the legs (yes, I realize they are wood but I live in an apartment where its hard to sand pieces before doing anything to them, bite me). Long term, I want to get the spring replaced and reupholster it but I need to have money for that and with my lack of job, it is all on the back burner.

Although, I did get the chair for a steal: $10. I also got a Fossil purse for $2. It needs a little mending as one of the pockets is trying to escape the entire purse. Brian got a bag for $2 for him to carry to work (or a murse, sorry dear). And Charity didn’t miss out on the $2 bag deal, she got a new purse to add to her small collection. Also purchased: 8 “souvenir” cups with various team logos for a quarter.

So, we went to the thrift store with $20 in Brian’s pocket and left with some change!

Anyone else get a chair for a steal? Know where I can get a slipcover for my new chair? Any ideas on slipcovering? I was thinking of getting a slipcover for a wingback chair and fitting it, thoughts?

xoxo jes


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