Punch In The Face. Vol. 2

face punch


Where to even begin this week?!

How about the people who never called me back when I am a stellar person. I just wanted a job, yo. I guess that is too much to ask. Oh well.

Or the people I have been having trouble dealing with? Ok, I can’t actually mention who they are, but trust me on this one, they deserve it. How hard is it to make some people new to the state feel welcomed and not be an asshat when they have no clue how things are done around here? Send me a piece of mail! Gah!! I guess this is a hard thing to do, COMMUNICATE. I cannot wait to move.

So far, so good, only 2 people a week. Although one of them got the punch twice last week. I think my record is getting pretty good. However, it is about to be stress-central around here, I am sure Brian will get it once in awhile. (Hi!)

xoxo jes


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