Money Mondays!

Money Mondays


This Monday, we will be going over vehicle insurance, since it is necessary to have, if you have a vehicle.

Now, I know when you first get vehicle insurance, you call around, we all do. Or maybe you just look stuff up online. There are lots of discounts you can get that are widely known: student, safe driver/accident free, ticket free, how much you actually drive, etc.

Yes, those are all helpful in your price and changing up your deductible. What they don’t tell you is this: if your spouse has a cleaner driving record than you, your insurance could be cheaper. Confused? I will break it down.

I have a clean driving record for 7 years (almost). Brian, on the other hand, has a clean driving record of over 10 years. We learned a few years ago that if he is the carrier of the insurance, we get a deeper discount (try around $50/month). Insane right? We already get as many discounts as we can with other things, including our age since I am 29 and he is 39, but his cleaner driving record gets us that “better” rate. No joke.

Don’t believe me? In the past few years, we have had to switch companies because we moved out of state and rates vary state to state. Most states require you to carry insurance with one of the local agents. So, every time we move, I have to start the search all over again. I get a quote in my name, since I am the one looking and then Brian calls them to set them up and always gets a cheaper rate. Not fair. He is older and has been driving longer, and his clean driving record makes our rates a lot cheaper. Hey, you do what you can!

What is your driving record like? Do share in the comments!

xoxo jes


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