Who is ready…

For a quick update?

I have been at my job for 2 weeks now. 6 days, for now, at 6-7 hours a day. Not bad, right? Except it’s at 5am. So 4am wake up. Not a happy camper, so it is taking a large adjustment for all of us. Thankfully, Lucky is taking it like a trooper and isn’t crying when I leave.

The job part is going great! I am slowly getting my groove back and only one meltdown so far. People don’t realize how hard it is to get back into something you loved after having a traumatic event stop you from being passionate about it and everything else. I will post soon as to why it is hard.

We are anxiously awaiting our move. I think even Lucky is looking forward to it. I will get keys on Saturday. Exciting! It will be our first in town move since right after we got married. Crazy right? Our last few moves have been at least to a place an hour or more from the original place.
Charity has also been in school for 2 weeks. I think she is happy to be back at school so she can see her friends. Learning is just part of it.

Thats all for now, check back soon for more updates!


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