Thwarted Efforts

We moved! The unfortunate part of it all is that we have really bad service at our new place so phone calls get dropped constantly and Internet access is very limited. Boo! I know if we get regular internet, we can access it with our phones and even make phone calls over Wi-Fi. It is just going to have to wait for a bit. Bear with me.

We have so much space here, I can fill my pantry with healthy foods, less processed stuff and our fridge with fruits and vegetables. We started trying to cook more with fresh stuff and even more from scratch recently and Brian and I love it. Charity, not so much.

See, I know how to cook and have plenty of recipes to feed us from scratch for years to come. We do buy an occasional frozen pizza, but I prefer making my own with homemade sauce. It is a convenient solution when I need something quick and easy. Not the homemade part, but the frozen pizzas.

So, here is where my efforts are being thwarted, Charity wants the processed crap. Yes,  I am her mom and I make the food choices. I get that. Except, she refuses to eat if it is something “she doesn’t like”. I can’t have her not eating, so, I am trying an experiment. We are. I bought chicken nuggets for the first time in over a year and a half. And tater tots. I am trying to compromise. I am trying to show her that homemade is better. I think maybe after a few weeks, I will give her homemade chicken nuggets. Show her that homemade can taste better than processed foods.

I hope it works and I can go back to making homemade soon. I can’t eat processed food all the time!


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