We have been living in our new place for awhile now. Before I go into where we moved to and space and new decorating and furniture, I wanted to go over what we were looking for.

Must haves
-2 bedrooms
-2 bathrooms
-accepts pets (mainly our dog)
-laundry room
-separate dining space
-central heating and air conditioning
-garbage disposal

Would be nice to have
-bedrooms on opposite sides of the apartment
-access to bathroom from 2nd (Charity’s) bedroom
-first floor apartment
-ceiling fans (yes, you read that right)
-walk-in closet for at least the master bedroom
-fireplace (just for the looks!)

Seems odd, right? Some of these things we have lived without and realized we don’t want to again. We also don’t have things like a backyard because we don’t want to rent another house. We would rather save our pennies for our own home.

What do you look for in a place? Are you as specific as we are?

Please note, I really wish I could blog more, but we still have not gotten Internet. My apologies.


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