Pick it! Place #1

Well, I posted a teaser about what we were looking for in an apartment/home. How did we do on our list? Well, first thing, I am going to take you for a walk through the 2 places I looked at, really hard. I looked at other places, but none were as big of contenders. Without further ado, the first place I looked at. And before the pictures start rolling in, my apologies for the terrible phone quality photos!

 photo 20130814_151316.jpg

Left Kitchen

 photo 20130814_151324.jpg

Right kitchen. On the right side, was the “pantry”

The kitchen was lacking…counter space. Although it did have a dishwasher, pantry and upper cabinets. There was definitely more cabinet space in there than was in our original place.

 photo 20130814_151403.jpg

Living room

This was the living room. The front door was recessed, right across from it was the kitchen and then right next to it, was this space, the living room.

 photo 20130814_151422.jpg

Dining Room

The dining room opened up to the living room, it is also where the pass through led. The stairs lead to the master suite.

After this, the photos go downhill. It was hot. I was looking in the summer while Charity spent time in Missouri with family. The place that I was looking at, didn’t run the air conditioner. In Texas. In July. Hot. Yea, so, most of the pictures came out odd.

The things of note about this place, it did have separate floors, the master suite was upstairs. They did feature 2 bathrooms, full size laundry hook ups, a fireplace and lots of closets. Here is a floorplan for a better idea.

apt 1


The fireplace was located in the master bedroom (the room with nothing else on the floor) and the washer and dryer were in a closet. Any guesses to which closet?

This is all I will post about this place. Did we pick it? Or Apartment #2? Its anyone’s guess really!

xoxo jes


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