Pick it! Place #2

Here is a look at the second place we I looked at!


This is a view of the living room from the master bedroom door. The dining room is right next to it and I can’t show it because the only picture I have has the leasing agent. This is a model they have set up to show proportions, which I love because you can see a room better.



The master bedroom. They have a queen size bed in it.


Master closet. So roomy compared to our last place!

 photo 20130815_131045.jpgMaster bath
 photo 20130815_131125.jpgLinen closet in Master bath
 photo 20130815_131212.jpgLeft side of kitchen
 photo 20130815_131216.jpgRight side of kitchen. This opening is open to the living room, enough room for a couple stools.

 photo 20130815_131348.jpg

Pantry side of utility room
 photo 20130815_131423.jpgLaundry side of utility room
 photo 20130815_131444.jpgCoat closet, just outside the kitchen.
 photo 20130815_131542.jpgGuest/Charity’s bathroom
 photo 20130815_131620.jpgWhat would be Charity’s bedroom, again a queen bed is furnished in here.
 photo 20130815_131635.jpg

Charity’s closet?

That might be confusing, so here again is the layout:


Oddly, the model I looked at has this flipped.

So, now you have seen both places I went and looked at. Which do you think we picked?

xoxo jes


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