Picked It

Well, if you have been following the blog for any amount of time  in the last 3-4 months, we went from a teeny-tiny (for 3 people plus a dog) apartment to a much larger pad. I have gone over what we were looking for the 2 places that got my approval after looking at them online to look at, but which one did we pick?

Both places have their pros and cons. It happens with every place.

My first place that Brian and I actually lived together was large for what I paid for it, in a bad neighborhood, but cheap. It also had great windows, a large eat-in kitchen, a huge living room, and a large sized bedroom. It lacked a 2nd bedroom, it had a really old Admiral stove, but it was gas! It had no dishwasher, no w/d connections, no garbage disposal. You could go pee, shave your legs in the bathtub, and brush your teeth at the same time because the bathroom was so small. It was my single place, there are lots of memories from there, good and bad.

Our second place was not too expensive, in a better neighborhood. It had 1.5 bathrooms (yes, a toilet and sink in our bedroom). It even had a balcony! It had a dishwasher, but still no disposal. The bedrooms were giant. Again, in our half bath, your really could brush your teeth while on the toilet. Forget if you had to use the sink while someone else was in there. The closets were semi-decent, but nothing too special. We had a large living room, again and a small galley kitchen. It had its pros and its cons. We made it home and it was special.

I can’t say that there isn’t something I miss about any of the places we lived, like the third bedroom in our 3rd place together or the look of the wood stove in that place. I don’t miss the tilt of about a foot of our entire bedroom, it was awkward to get out of bed to. The closet was cramped and there really wasn’t any other extra closet space to speak of. I do miss the wall oven and the old wood burning stove in the living room. It was adorable. The 4th place, I miss the adorable front porch, the fenced in back yard, the split up rooms, the little hall, the cute kitchen (although it lacked any storage space). It had character, but it didn’t have lots of stuff, like good heating or air conditioning, or a dishwasher.

So, after careful consideration, we decided that well, Place #1 had a teeny tiny living room, seriously. No real door to the master bedroom. And probably the biggest thing I couldn’t get over: the washer and dryer were to fit in the what normally would be a large master closet, right in the middle of the whole dang thing. Really?? These things might be things other people can look over, but after living in a small place, we wanted to find something that we loved. And, maybe the heat while looking at that place just made me seriously hate it.

I am not saying that Place #2 doesn’t have its faults, its just that they met way more of what we were looking for than what we weren’t. Maybe the set up of the living room doesn’t allow for a couch and loveseat (sorry Brian!). It makes up for lots of other things. We have seriously missed having a garbage disposal, central air/heat, our own bathroom (yes, we have always shared one, but to have our own private bathroom is awesome). We have hardly scratched the surface of decorating, I still have not fully unpacked. Its hard work! I plan on getting more of it done before the holidays hit hard and can’t wait to share some of our ideas!

Which place did you think it was going to be?

xoxo jes


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