Change of scenery

Moving apartments hasn’t been the only change around here. Last month, Brian decided, ok, we both did, that he needed to get a different job. It wasn’t easy because change never is. Mostly, we are afraid of the unknown. Who isn’t?

I don’t want to go into the gory details of why, but let’s just say that the job was changing who he was. It was changing our relationship and not in a good way. It is never a good idea to stay with something that changes you in a bad way, whether it is a job or relationship. So, we took our chances and he had been happier. Our relationship has been improving too. Thank God.

The other change that was made, it was made for us. And again, thank god. I was laid off. If you really call it that. It is a cover with a valid reason.

I pride myself on not trash talking people on this blog, however how can I say that I am trekking the awful offal truth without telling the actual honest truth?

Backstory: Brian was getting phone calls and texts from someone within the company that we both worked for (but only I was still there by this time). The guy was asking if Brian knew of anyone hiring. Brian happened to be hiring. Carrying on, Brian hired the guy. The guy’s girlfriend also worked for the company. The guy put in his notice. 30 minutes later, got a call from his girlfriend, she was let go due to “cutbacks”. To say the two weren’t linked is absurd.

Fast forward 3 days. Brian told me he got text from my boss asking if he hired the guy. Brian didn’t answer until he got a phone call. Same question. Brian answered honestly. Then called me to tell me that my boss knew. 20 minutes later, I was laid off, by text. It deserves repeating, by text. Any of this linked? You be the judge.

On a good note, I will be making cakes, cupcakes, cookies and other goodies out of our home. I already have an order!

So that has been the other big change here. Anything new with you? Do tell!



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