Freezing rain and Sleet

This past weekend has been crazy. Our first winter down here is interesting so far. On Thursday night we had a mix of freezing rain and sleet. 2 inches total. Holy buckets.

Honestly, it really wouldn’t be so bad if Texas had some plows. Thursday night, Brian was able to leave before it got bad. I had spent an hour and half trying to track down firewood in case our power went out. The joys of living in a new place. I had no luck at all. Thankfully, Brian got 3 bundles of kindling wood and I got some matches. We gave a bundle of wood to our downstairs neighbor. Lucky for us, our power stayed on! Over 200 thousand were not so lucky. (We later found out that our old place lost power for more than a day).

Friday morning I went to work. It took a good 15 minutes to just get the truck door open. A thick layer of ice was preventing me from being able to even start it! We also didn’t have an ice scraper. A thick plastic bowl scraper got a good portion of the ice off the windows. I drove carefully to work and was only 6 minutes late.

Brian’s work was out of power until the afternoon. He went into work after getting an ice scraper, the last one at the gas station. He didn’t come home until later on Saturday night. There was lots of melting during the day and it all refroze when it got dark. The highways leading home were all shut down. There were plenty of people stranded on the road for 10-17 hours. It was terrible. Brian was able to stay in a guest apartment close to his work. He shared it with the bar manager.

For me, the drive to work on Saturday morning was worse than the drive on Friday morning. It was so frozen and icy. I am lucky that I made it. The drive home was only mildly better. The parking lot at work was mostly a sheet of ice, I fell. I am fine. The sidewalks at our apartment are no better. I swear that nobody knows what ice melt is. Or shovels. Our stairs are terrible, an accident waiting to happen.

Brian did finally make it home, like I said. Thankfully, he made it safely. I am so grateful. I know life is precious and I don’t know what I would do without him.

Sunday was quiet here, we spent the day napping, ran to the grocery store, watching movies and football. Charity is still sick and the roads are ok, but with the melting and refreeze, no school today again!

I hope everyone is safe with all this crazy weather! How was your weekend?



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