Tradionally Untraditional

Hey y’all! 2 weeks ago, we had tons of ice! The ice is gone and we have had some beautiful weather.

Today, I wanted to talk about traditions. We have been creating our own for the last few years. Last year, Charity wasn’t even home on Christmas! Crazy, right? We were in Missouri and she stayed the night at family’s homes. We enjoyed it, but it wasn’t the same. We didn’t even put up a Christmas tree!

This year, it is just the 3 4 of us here, so new traditions are emerging. We will still have our Christmas burritos, but we will figure out other new things! Like, maybe, a mad dash to get all of our Christmas shopping done on Christmas Eve, po pos (snacks) on Christmas Day, Christmas light looking on Christmas Eve, a fire and a movie? What will we do? All of the above?

I am sure you are wondering about Christmas burritos. It really is a funny story. Four years ago, when Brian and I were still just dating, a bad snowstorm hit Omaha. I was going to be all alone at home. At the time, I still had no relationship with my family. I was sad and alone. I was getting depressed. Brian and I didn’t live together either.

I was talking to Brian on the phone, I was trying not to let him know how sad and upset I was. The weather was definitely frightful that Christmas Eve. It wasn’t safe to drive. I was talking to my aunt (who lives in Texas) and Brian beeped in. I got off the phone and he told me to go outside. There he was in “our” 1992 Cadillac De Ville. He made it. He had 2 cases of soda but we needed to get food. Yes, I had no food in my house!

We got in the car. I had to sit in the backseat because the passenger door wouldn’t open. Quiktrip was the only thing open. So, we got some giant “The Bomb” burritos. We got 4 total. It was all we ate on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

We still have the tradition, reminding us of our first Christmas together. It makes us smile. We usually have it only one meal vs eating burritos on both days. This year, we will be able to go to a Quiktrip to get them instead of trying to find the same burritos at a different gas station. And yes, we scoped out different gas stations to find the closest thing last year.

What are some of your traditions? Did you merge yours with your spouses? Did you make your own? I want to know!



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