Time Flies (a year in recap).

This year has really flown by for me. This time last year, we were still in Missouri. I can’t believe we have been in Texas almost a year and sometimes, I still have no idea where I am going here!

I started this blog in 2013. Remember that? No? I only had one reader back then, Brian. I am sure I still only have a few more than that.

In January, we said goodbye to Brian for him to move to Texas to get started on our new life. It was a hard two months, but we made it!

In February,  Charity and I made her box for her valentines. I think she still has it around somewhere. We also made our first trip to Texas to visit Brian in a whirlwind weekend trip. I also started packing up our house to move along with selling our furniture.

In March, we loaded up the car and a uhaul trailer. Said goodbye to my father and mother in law and moved to our tiny Texas apartment. It was hard to say goodbye to Missouri, but I knew we had more adventure to find in the Lone Star State. Charity, Lucky, and I all made it safely after getting stuck in a parking lot after 11.5 hours of driving. I do not recommend anyone make the trip with a 9 year old child and a 1 year old dog.

April and May we fell into a routine. Charity was making friends at school and Brian was cooking up a storm.

June, we went to our first MLB game (Texas Rangers!). We didn’t stay the whole game, it was too hot. But it was a good experience for the family. We also made a trip to Oklahoma for Charity to go and visit in Missouri. She was gone for 6 long weeks.

July came along with all of our birthdays (except Lucky, his is in January) and our anniversary. It was too quiet at home. I also spent some time looking for a job. I also started looking for apartments.

In August, Charity came back along with my mother in law. We had a quick visit that involved lots of shopping. Shortly after, Charity started school and I started working. We also started packing up the tiny apartment. But just for a move across town!

September we moved into our new place and settled into another new routine.

In October, Brian moved on from where he was working, leaving me there to fend for myself. We also had our first Texas Halloween. Charity was a bag of jelly beans that I made for her. Her and Brian also carved a pumpkin.

November came and I had to look for a job. I was laid off and it was hard financially for us. We persevered and are still working through it. We spent Thanksgiving at home with a feast for a small army. I found a job and started making cakes from home for people.

In December,  we spent our first Christmas in Texas. This was also the first year that we did not see Brian’s dad and step mom around the holiday. I think that was harder for me than anyone else. We spent the holiday not working, wrapping presents, only to have them ripped apart less than 24 hours later, playing Clue, having fires in the fireplace, and spending time as a family.

As this year winds to a close, I am thankful we have had the opportunities we have this year. I hope we will make more trips this coming year, like one to Nebraska to visit family and friends. I also hope to have more nights of us playing games as a family, fire in the fireplace optional.

Happy New Year, y’all. Stay safe. We will be in our jammies, watching the ball drop.



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