Happy New Year!


This is not about 2013, its my plans for the new year. I don’t normally make resolutions, it just isn’t my style. I am just sharing things I want to change or make better or plan. So here goes!

1. Reconnect with my husband. After our losses, the fire has kinda turned into burning embers. I love him greatly, however, the passion has dwindled.

2. Take more pictures. I love taking pictures and I have not had to charge my camera once since our move to Texas. I need to change this. My goal is a picture a day.

3. Read 50 books. We have a great library here and I want to use it more. Have a great recommendation? Let me know!

4. Try at least 12 new recipes. I have a pintrest board that is giant. I need to work through some of them and try them out!

5. Learn how to cook at least one Norwegian dish. I am a quarter Norwegian and have no clue how to make any of the food. I want to change that.

6. Start taking better care of me. I need to have a better outlook on the way I look. I hate when people say they want to lose x amount of weight, but I don’t, I just need to learn how to love the skin I am in.

7. Unplug more. I rely so much on my phone, ipad, tv, etc to entertain me. I need to unplug more and leave the phone at home. This will also help with goal #3.

8. Quit smoking. I actually had this down. I had gone completely “digital” and smoked an occasional cigar. Then I got seriously ill. And I went back to cigarettes. So, I want to get back to it.

9. Purge the house. We hold on to things that we don’t use or are broken. I feel like we need to let go of those things.

10. Reconnect with my dad. Our relationship has been stained for quite some time. I really want to work harder on repairing what has been broken.

These are my goals for 2014. What are yours?



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