I have trouble blogging. I am supposed to be honest here, if not here, where else? I have not been feeling like I can be honest with what goes on in our life, so I can’t blog.  Silly, right?

Everyone struggles, right? Even people who blog. We have been in a constant struggle here. Struggling to get paychecks, hours at work, getting Charity to listen, getting her to do her homework, getting our vehicles to work properly, etc. Yes, minor things, but they pile up on a person.

I finally got my final paycheck from my last job in January. I hadn’t worked there since November. It is rediculous. I haven’t decided if I am going to srill file with the Texas workforce or not. I have been so overwhelmed with the whole thing, I almost want to just put the whole thing behind me. Let karma take care of it. However, that doesn’t mean it is over yet. Since Brian and I both worked for him, we are held back from filing our taxes until we get our w-2s from him. I sent him our address back in December,  I have all texts saved from him. He sent them to our old address. Since they aren’t marked tax documents, they will likely be sent back. It could be months. I don’t know what to do about this. Thinking about the whole thing makes me worn out. It makes my blood boil.

My job has slowly been cutting back my hours. I had 21 hours one week. It makes our money situation so hard. I have asked for more hours and was rewarded with 26.5. Hopefully we can keep this up. I also got a tiny raise. Anything at this point is helpful.

We are in the defiant tween years with Charity, we have been for awhile. It just has been wearing on us as parents. Not everything has to be a battle, but it seems like it is. From bedtimes to getting her to get her room clean. It is crazy. Hi dad! I now officially sound like my dad. He laughs at this. I don’t mind because he is a great man, something I wish I had realized sooner. He did the best he could with what he had when I was younger. He still does. I am proud to sound like him. It doesn’t fix Charity, but one day, she will tell me she sounds like me. I will laugh and tell her that is what I told her Grandpa John. So, one day, she will sound just like him.

The long car saga that is ours, is almost laughable. Seriously, I could list so much that we have done with our vehicles, it is a post for another day. Currently, Brian’s car needs an alternater. No big deal, but we live paycheck to paycheck. Remember? A surprise layoff, nearly $2,000 docked? We are getting it fixed tomorrow. I hope. After the alternater went out, my truck got another screw in it. The first screw was 2 weeks ago. The second? Last week. 2 “new” used tires (one other tire needed replaced) later, hopefully the truck can stop getting flats.

Lots of stuff, right? Sorry for such a long, boring post, but I need to be honest. Life is not always puppies and rainbows. We can’t buy furniture until all the other stuff is taken care of. We still have plans, I still have crafts to do. We still have no furniture in our bedroom, but we will get there, in time. Thank you for bearing with me.



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