No, this is real life

Wow! I am amazed anyone even checks my blog anymore. I am so exhausted at this point. Let me give you a run down of what has been going on:
-I got a new job! I am now a baker at a grocery store. I am still getting the hang of it and the super early mornings (4am!!), but I love it. There is a calm in the mornings that just isn’t there in such a large metroplex. I love it. I also make more money (over a dollar more an hour!) So that is so nice. It has been a huge adjustment, I was only working on average 25 hours and now work more like 35. It is an adjustment for the whole house. However, my one week paycheck is almost a 2 week paycheck at my last job!
-I got a new car! We got rid of the gas guzzling truck (a 2002 Dodge 1500 v8 extended cab) for a more fuel efficient vehicle. Like a 2004 Ford Taurus SE. It works so much better as a family car than the tiny escort (2 door) and has better gas mileage (right now, 17.4). The two car payments are just $100 more than the truck payment alone. So, we are saving $150/month plus the gas money (I am too tired to do the math but it was something over $100/month). Huge savings and Charity doesn’t have to climb into the backseat just to run errands.
-Brian is working 7 days a week again. His cook quit unexpectedly while he was out of town for business. This means on top of my new job, I am taking care of dinners, after school stuff, dog walking, and laundry every night rather than just 5 nights.
-Brian went out of town suddenly for work. It was research. He ate a lot of barbeque. It meant that Lucky was confused and I had a hard time sleeping. There was also bad weather on his way back. Not good.
-A bunch of stuff for Brian to be really busy:
    *Fat Tuesday in a restaurant
    *A new menu roll out
    *Another beer dinner (that turned out great!)
    *St Patrick’s Day (at a restaurant/bar)

What is new with you? I can’t wait for Wednesday! I will have 2 days off in a row. We also have looked and researched and measured things for the house, so hopefully after not too long, we can finally get this decorating show on the road!



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