A Job is a Job


Hello all! I want to blog about something that weighs heavily on my small family. It has been the discussion and debate for quite a few months now. Jobs.

I have a cousin who recently got a job at Dominos. She is almost 23 and has been looking for a job for a little while. I am Happy for her! A job is a job! She is going to be making money and we all need to make money. Unless you are under the age of 15 that is. Then, do your chores and make money that way, or whatever the situation is at your house.

I also have a friend who can’t find a job. Or when she has one, can’t keep it. Or maybe that is how I see it. I don’t know why she has this problem, but she has a little one on the way and needs to find something to help support the little one.

At our house, if you have no job, you can’t afford to be picky. There was a period of time when I didn’t have to look, but that is besides the point. When I got laid off in November, we couldn’t afford for me not to work. I applied for many jobs, even jobs I didn’t really want. Yes, I am a baker and applied for jobs in my industry, but I also ventured out of that. I didn’t care, as long as I was qualified (and sometimes not) for the position, I applied. I wound up slinging pizzas myself. The pay sucked, the hours sucked, but it was a job and it helped.

If you have a job, you can be pickier. I got my current job by applying while I still had a job. I got lucky and I was called by a grocery store that was hiring in the bakery. I interviewed and learned there is a lot of growth potential. Like I could learn how to decorate! I took the job, it didn’t hurt that it was full time and the pay was over a dollar more an hour.

Brian’s last 3 jobs (including his current one) were all gotten when he already had a job. He has been able to be picky. That hasn’t always been the case for him, though. He lost a chef job early in our marriage. He applied for everything he could. He wound up being a cook at one place and a stocker at a lumber yard. Far cry from executive chef at a Hugh end steakhouse. It was work. It was money. Yes, he hated cooking where he was, but he did what he had to. We both did and have. He went to work early (not as early as I do now) and worked at the lumber yard. He came home and napped for a few hours. He went and cooked. He got very little sleep, but he moved up to a full time position at the lumber yard. He quit cooking at night and moved his way into professional estimator. I was the bread winner at the time, until my accident. We made it work.

We have been lucky. We both work in our chosen field, but that wasn’t always the case. I worked at gas stations for awhile. It was a job. I had to make pizzas. It was a job. I am glad we never gave up our dreams, and never will. We are determined, driven, and try to set good examples for Charity. If we don’t, who will?

What do you do? Are you in your chosen field? Or is it a job and you are looking for something else?



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