Hello, again! I am anxiously awaiting my upgrade from my android. Anyone have KitKat yet? Mmmm KitKats.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch apartment, we are chugging along, made a plan for furniture, with a real budget in mind. I really need to share a master list of everything we want to do in our home and a list of furniture. Another day, I suppose.

The new car is great, we are saving some major cash, just not seeing it coming yet as we have had to do more paying out for taxes, title, and license. It will come! We owe roughly 3 more payments on Brian’s car and it is paid off! It will be awesome!

Spring is here, and so are allergies. They have been kicking my ass. Thankfully, I have a regime that usually works and I don’t have to switch it too much. It is usually a matter of remembering to take everything before it gets painful (my sinuses get clogged by my eyes and can be super painful) and remembering to buy it when I run out!

Work has been busy, I have barely had time for much, we had a walk (where important people come see the store) so that was very hectic. I am glad it is over! I worked a lot of hours and only had one day off. We all did. Thank god it is over!

So, not tons going on, mostly life. What is new with you?



One thought on “Randomness

  1. Sounds like things are coming together, that will be great to have one less car payment! I hope your allergies don’t get too bad.
    PS: I have defected over to wordpress now!

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