Living Room Ideas

Well, now that we have decided on a few things, here is a detailed-ish list of what I would like to do in our living room and some things that Brian agrees with! Yes, I have my ideas and sometimes Brian disagrees, but we usually compromise or work something out! This is not the end-all of the lists and things change as things are purchased and start coming together.

Living Room

We have some things here, we have  1 chair, Lucky has a chair, we have a couch with fold out bed, tv, tv stand, and our end table. Temporarily, we use a giant tote trunk for a coffee table and a set of drawers on wheels for another end table. We are fancy. We broke out the tape measure and our calculator. Here is what we are leaning more towards:



1. Regolit Floor Lamp We have no overhead lights and are tired of having the lamps that aim at the ceiling. We think with this one, when we have family game nights, we can actually see what is going on, rather than trying to use the dining room lights to illuminate our living room. Its kinda a big room, check out the floor plan in this post.

2. LACK Wall Shelf Yes, I know. A floating shelf is so…boring. Ok, I get it. But unlike the show apartment (where the pictures in the previous post are from) our fireplace isn’t recessed like that one. There is no shelf, its just a giant cut our above the fireplace. That isn’t where the shelves will go. There are windows flanking the fireplace. There is enough room for the smaller Lack shelves to be put on either side of the fireplace, next to the windows. Still confused?



Better? Ok. I want to put 6 (3 on either side) to start off with and see how they go. Brian has tons of sports memorabilia and he wants a place to display it. Yup, baseballs, hockey pucks, bobble heads, etc.

3. LACK Coffee Table I know the color is a bit bold, but there is such a thing as paint. We like the idea of the simplicity of this guy and we really liked the size. Its fantastic.

4. RÅSKOG Kitchen cart Yes, another color. If we get it all and it doesn’t work, again, paint. For now, we have 3 different patterns (none go together) in our 2 chairs and our couch. Its kinda funny. I also know that this is a “kitchen cart”. I don’t care! We think it would make a great end table and we can move our rolling drawers elsewhere. Lucky also loves trying to knock things over (he has no boundaries) so maybe this will stop him from doing that so much.

5. LAIVA Bookcase There is a niche in our living room that is too close to the bedroom door to really put much in front of it (it is between the breakfast nook and the master bedroom door) that we want to put 3 of these bad boys into. We originally wanted to get one giant EXPEDIT (or whatever they are calling it now) and stick it there, but we can’t really afford to drop the $$ on it. This way, if we move into a place that doesn’t allow for one giant piece, we can break up the 3 smaller shelves into other rooms/spaces. We do live in an apartment and want to remember this.

Yes, only 5 pieces. We hemmed and hawed about it. We discussed things at length. Our couch is the only thing that would be a giant pain in the butt to recover so we are leaning towards decorating around it. It is in great shape and it is fairly comfortable. The TV stand is a black-brown.

Here is a list of things I would like to do, but again, things might change.

  • Change the color of the wood on both chairs so they match the TV stand better
  • Cover both chairs with a tan/beige colored fabric, maybe using drop cloths? Has anyone tried this? I have a staple gun!
  • Add curtains to both windows on either side of the fireplace, possibly drop cloths again. I also want to paint a detail or add a ribbon of color to them
  • Paint? I need to see more of this come together before I can think about paint colors, really.
  • Add decorative details, other than Brian’s sports collection
  • Get some throw pillows for the space

I want to have the whole room cozy and comfortable. We spend a lot of time in here watching TV, playing with Lucky, playing games. Its really the major hub of our home. It is linked into the dining room and the front door is also in here. 

Any ideas or tips? Yes, I love Ikea, but we did look at other places and exhausted all of our options within our budget and we think we have found the winning combination.



Note: no links in this post are affiliate links. IKEA has no idea who I am, I just happen to like their simple designs and prices. I am in no way compensated for this post. Also, the scale on the items is not correct, it was my first time doing this in this format, bear with me.


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