There Should Be a Tax Deduction for that…

My manager at work joked the other day that my husband should get a tax deduction for being married to me.

Why you ask? Because I am a klutz. No joke. I should have a body suit made of anti flammable bubble wrap, with oven gloves, slip resistant shoes that have spikes and built in salt spreaders. And a helmet. No joke.

While my burns are mostly healed:



New injuries have a way of finding me.


Good ol’ lefty (leg)


Good ol’ righty (leg).

Both injured within 5 minutes of each other. On the same damn thing. Yes, I knew the cart was there, I guess I can’t judge my own steps. The right one however was hit not once, but twice. Same thing, same spot. Second time, I nearly threw up from the pain. It hurt to walk for 24 hours. I had a goose egg coming off my shin. I am sure they will be a nice bruise color. Just in time for the nice weather we are having!

In the meantime, anyone have some shinguards I can have? I won’t even pretend I will borrow them, I need to have them.

Anyone enjoying some nice weather? Anyone else a klutz like me? Don’t you think there should be a tax deduction for being married to a clumsy person?



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